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How to Configure

1. Treatments

Treatments are a collection of Exercises designed for your Patients.

They are grouped into Phases, which allow modifications to be made as the Patient recovers.

Quick Treatments ease the creation process.


Phase 1

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

Phase 2

Exercise 2
Exercise 3

2. Staff

Create an Organisational structure reflecting how your business operates.

Add Staff to your Organisational units so they can manage Patients and monitor Treatment progress.

Invites are emailed to Staff so they can login to the platform.


Staff 1
Staff 2

Branch 2

Staff 3
Staff 4


3. Patients

Once you've prepared your Treatments, you can create Patients and assign the Treatments to them.

Invites are emailed to patients so they can login to the app.

When the Patients Exercise, Staff can analyse their performance in real-time.


Patient 1

Treatment 1

Patient 2

Treatment 1
Treatment 2


How to Record

1. Staff

Staff log in and have access to their Patient Treatments.


Download from Apple Store

2. Patient

Patients log in to access their individual Treatment.


3. Record

Select an Exercise, attach to limb and start recording.


Download from Play Store


How to Analyse

Using the Flexio dashboard, you can easily identify patients who are non-compliant.

Conduct early intervention without the requirement for frequent hospital visits.

The Flexio app records real-time data for analysis of patient compliance during rehabilitaion.

View the phone movements during the exercise.

Analyse rotation and acceleration information.

Export the data for futher analysis.

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